Why in Home Care?

A Home Instead Senior Care® study found an overwhelming
majority of seniors (86 percent) want to continue living at home
for as long as possible. Seniors appear to be willing to seek help to
do that. The study found that 54 percent of seniors who live alone
are four times more likely to use professional care than those
who live with their children. The users of in-home care in Albuquerque
tend to be older: 42 percent of seniors over the age of 80 rely on professionals.

Family caregivers and In Home Care professionals may notice
changes in their loved ones, which send up a red flag that an
otherwise healthy older adult needs more assistance to remain
safely and independently at home. These signs are an indication it
might be time to call for help:

When More Help is Needed

1. Household bills piling up.

Seniors can feel overwhelmed by
the simple task of opening and responding to daily mail.

2. Reluctance to leave the house.

Rather than ask for help,
seniors who are having trouble with such functions as
walking, remembering and hearing will pull away from
their community and isolate themselves.

3. Losing interest in meals.

Seniors who suddenly find
themselves alone, perhaps after the death of a spouse,
can be easily discouraged by such tasks as cooking and
tend not to eat properly.

4. Declining personal hygiene.

Changes in appearance,
such as unkempt hair and body odor, failing to change
clothes for days on end or clothes inappropriate for the
weather, are among the most obvious signs that a senior
needs assistance.

5. Declining driving skills.

Look for evidence of parking or
speeding tickets, fender-benders, dents and scratches
on the car.

6. Scorched pots and pans.

Cooking ware left forgotten
on top of an open flame may be a sign of short-term
memory loss or even Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Signs of depression.

Feelings of hopelessness and
despair, listlessness, fewer visits with friends and family,
a change of sleeping patterns and lack of interest in the
usual hobbies and activities are indicators of depression.

8. Missed doctors’ appointments and social engagements.

These can be signs of depression or forgetfulness.
But they can also be the result of no longer having a
driver’s license and not knowing how to get alternative

9. Unkempt house.

Changes in housekeeping may come
about because the senior is physically tired. They could
also result from depression.

10. Losing track of medications.

Seniors often take multiple prescriptions for various health conditions.
Keeping track without reminders and assistance can be confusing.

If you or loved one might need some help give Home Instead Senior Care a Call at 505-884-0353

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